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Although, numerology and astrology are different, there exist certain similarities. Both these practices provide complete and correct analysis of individuals’ characteristics and destinies. These are analyzed based on the individual’s birth date in combination with other natal data. Astrology depends on the reasoning of a relationship between people and cosmic patterns at the time of birth and after birth. In contrast, numerology reasons that a correlation between the numbers represented by the person’s name and birth date are related to their fortune. Often astrologers use the principles of numerology while some astrology researchers believe the presence of a Pythagorean, which is a numerology principle.

Although, this column has written about several astrological programs, we have never written about a numerological program till date.

A new release by Widening Horizons known as The Numerologist Report Writer is the first feature for this month. The program can be purchased directly from the publisher or from an onlie numerology software dealer at a price of $295. The program is compatible with IBM computers, which includes IBM compatibles with a minimum RAM of 320KB. To print the reports, you can use any old printer because the program is a standard ASCII printer file code.

We tested the program on an IBM XT with a RAM of 640 KB, dual floppy disc drives, with an Epson FX-80 printer. The Numerologist Report Writer is a simple application that is easy to install with the on-screen guidelines to assist you in case you face a problem. In addition, the program gives a detailed manual that is quite attractive. To install the application, you need to format one DOS format floppy discs and the other without DOS. This is followed by copying the master discs on the formatted floppies. Type “NUMRW” and enter, and the program is installed.

First time installation prompts users to specify how they want to run the application, whether on a single drive, double drive, or hard drive. Moreover, users need to define “y” and “w” as consonants or vowels, as appropriate. Users can add their names and addresses that are included on all printed reports. The application is simple to install and takes only a few minutes to complete the process.

Printing reports require the name at birth, the present name being used, and the date of birth. You can generate a single report or ten reports in a single batch. The reports can be printed on a printer, viewed on the screen, or saved to a disc. The report copied on a disc can be edited using word, if necessary. While testing about twelve reports, it was found that the reports are ten pages each, and take roughly six minutes to be processed and printed.

The reports are well written and are formatted; the paragraphs are formatted with automatic page numbers. However, the reports use a simple ASCII format, which does not allow printing special characters and features. The report provides a well written personality reading, which provides an insight in to the trends and issues of an individual’s life. Moreover, you cannot add your own wordings that can be incorporated within the reports. However, the reports are excellently written that cannot be typically improved upon. Considering the various factors, the program is one of the best numerology chart software.

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