Ben Affleck Ditches the Beard

ben-affleckDays after the picture award win for Argo, Affleck appeared in all new full shaved look, on 1st march in LA. Ben Affleck’s beard had been subject of many celebrity weekly’s caption and also scored a twitter handle of its own which itself is sufficient to determine how much his fans admired it. It had taken a life of its own since past few months. But Affleck minus the full beard look came more as a shock rather than surprise.

Since the 40 years old actor/producer had struggled to be taken in Hollywood for long after his unappreciated films like Gigli and Daredevil, the beard played an important role in rewriting his successful, serious and award winning career. Researchers form Northumbria University mentioned in their study that aggression can be seen more the guys who rock facial hair than their clean shaven counter parts. According to a psychology professor at the University of Lethbridge in Canada, Paul Vasey (PhD), when it requires a more assertive or serious personality, beard always add to it, like sales.

There are several such examples in film business too, like Daniel Day Lewis had a beard in Lincoln which was an Oscar Winner. Another Oscar Winner was Django Unchained starring Christopher Waltz plus full grown beard. Also the famous goatee look on Leonardo Di Caprio has been wooing every girl’s heart since few years. So it is time for the fans of Ben Affleck to think hard whether Ben looks better with beard or without (possibly with it).

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