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Good Night Movie 2007 is a film that has comedy, drama and romance genre. It is about a very young musician by the name Gary. Martin Freeman who was a member of the musical intelligence behind a very popular band played the part.

In this movie, Gary reduces to a mere writer for the commercials for his ex-band. He had a partner by the name Paul whose real name is Simon Pegg. Paul was a very big partner in a big investing agency. Dora was Gray’s girlfriend who was nagging and hypercritical. According to Good Night Movie 2007, Gwyneth Paltrow acted as Dora. She wanted Gary to be more of an enterprising person just like Paul.

Dora dreamt of a beautiful stranger Penelope Cruz who was Anna in Good Night Movie 2007. She was very pretty and every man would want her. All men wanted Anna for only the idea of romance and sexual perfection. Gray searched for to take up permanent residence in his dreams to seek out for Danny De Vito who was Mel.

However, Mel was a self-proclaimed expert on what he called lucid dreaming. Mr. Paltrow did much of the writing of the movie. He was a very sharp and witty man blessed with a great cast. The cast sense of comic timing added to the laugh total. Here, he allowed his dream world to fight the real world to a stand still.

Nevertheless, Gray had a very bright dream that Paltrow thought was very childish with a moral defect. He thought that we could take refuge from all the unhappy realities. This made him think that he could have his fantasies come to reality. Good Night Movie 2007 was just somebody’s version of truth. The movie ended up with a very indifferent tragedy. The audiences eagerly watch the most intimidating movie full of exciting adventure.

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