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A review on The Goodnight movie 2007

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The good night movie

A review on The Goodnight movie 2007

The Good night movie is fascinating romance movie that was released in 2007. The movie is rated suitable for viewers of seventeen and above years. The movie was written and directed by Jake Palthrow. In the movie, Gary Sheller in his singlehood in mid 30’s had is in a relationship with Dora. This seven years girlfriend is very troublesome. Garry in his character seem to be very heartless. He is a British musician in popular in rock and roll background. He is a composer of television commercials. This great artistic skill is only realized at the final portions of the movie when he plays an original piano piece.

Humor in The goodnight movie occurs with Garry in several dreams. He finds strange affection with an attractive woman who only communicates to him while asleep. The ghost lover calls herself Anna. She always appears as a shiny figure in white stroll on an isolated beach. The fantasy of Anna in Garry is so powerful. This makes him to prefer sleeping than have an ordinary life with Dora a worker in an art gallery.

In the 2007 release of The goodnight movie, Dora and Garry experiences have a miserable love life. However, not a night could go without having love intimate experiences. One big hindrance in their love relationship is Anna. Garry is obsessed with his appearance to extend that he opts for uninterrupted sleep time.

He reaches a point where he decides to consult an expert to help expounding on the dreams. He rests on Mel. This is a character with strange skills in the theory of dreaming. Garry manage to meet his strange dream lover through Paul. The real name of Anna is Melody. She turns up in a much-unexpected character. She ends up rating Gary as jealous and a loser on their unsuccessful date. That marked end of their relationship.

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