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The good night movie is a romantic comedy series produced in 2007. Its release in the market was a major blow to movie industries. Jake Paltrow a popular movie star in America directed the love play. The love story in this movie rotates around a man who was once a successful musician struggles with his career. Apart from that, he is bothered by his still relationship. Gary the movie star in discussions makes no progress in his career. He worked as a commercial jingle writer. Instead of making any progress, things could not work for him. On the other hand his best friend and former band mate Paul, seems to be succeeding in every step he makes in life.

Due to not making it in life, Gary is depressed. Though he has a girlfriend, the love they share cannot do away with the depression. This man stays in this condition until he comes across another girl. The girl referred to as Ann is the only person who can take off life disappointments. The girl is every thing this man wants. In all aspects, this is the girl of his dreams. Ann is available to Gary in dream but not reality. The good night movie is therefore developed revolving around Gary’s miserable love life.

Many people love The good night movie because it enlightens them on different issues. Apart from the entertainment factor, the movie teaches the viewer some lessons. Gary screwed up his relationship with his girlfriend because of the dream girl. He is suddenly not able to realize that he needs to work hard on his career to make it better. His life is a dream since he shuns reality for the comfort of his dreams. It tells the viewer that life is not what you dream. Living in your dreams gives; you comfort but do not take away your live struggles.

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