Old-Time Dark Comedy Spirit

The only good way of understanding a dream is through patience and freedom. A dream is no longer a dream if it is pushed and prodded about. The same goes with new movies, to say nothing of those about dreams. Do you know what's so great about "The Good Night?" It's about the unobtrusive and yellow-cocktail way of acting. And here it is – the good old dark comedy that hits the sweet spot between dark humor and drama. What do you think Martin Freedman (Gary) does in the film? He gets as much fun out of his grass-root role as he can get. Acting as a commercial music maker (formerly a pop star), he displays the sorrow of his loveless relationship with Dora (Gwyneth Paltrow) in a miraculously truthful way. At the same time, he shows his infatuation with the pipe-dream girl named Anna (Penelope Cruz) with the same true passion and self-abandon. He's equally good in everything and he excites a sense of respect and admiration in us, although Dora thinks him dumb, and maybe not for nothing.

However, a great deal of fun comes from the secondary players. Simon Pegg is renowned for his ability to hit the mark no matter what. So he does in “The Good Night”. Here he takes on the role of Gary's buddy. He has difficulties in building relationships himself. Meanwhile, he adheres to Gary's viewpoints and a sort of appreciates his friend's passion for illusions.

Danny Devito, hosting a dream support team, represents the traditional Devito role. He has missed his love by more than 40 years. However, he permits Gary lay it all down on the table, listens to him carefully and patiently and shares his thoughts about Gary's obsessions. Gary does not seem indifferent to Devito's advice. Devito spices the movie up with jokes.

On the whole, this is a nice movie. Maybe not perfect, but there is something about it that makes it really worth seeing. On the one hand, it has a feel of a kind of standard dark comedy ending in the same old fashion as many films do. At the same time, Jake Pathrow, the director, does a great job emphasizing the mysterious and somewhat otherworldly aura that surrounds some scenes. The movie does have its vector, which, coupled with actors' exceptional skills, creates a complex and meaningful whole that conveys a true and genuine sense of direction.

Can Dreams Replace Reality?

"The Good Night" is a colorful story plotted around things not happening. What really drove me nuts was the creative undertone and the general idea. What is it that makes a guy tell real life to go to hell and plunge into the realm of dreams? You can hardly track the plot in the usual way. It takes quite a bit of creative thought to unravel the intricacy of hints and get to the point. Interspersed with interview scenes with Gary's friends and acquaintances, particularly with his ex-significant other and a guy he had used to play with in a band, the film reveals a perfect chemistry between superb actorship and imaginative thought. Martin Freedman and Simon Pegg are terrific. Penelope Cruz does a wonderful job representing Ana – Gary's illusionary sole mate. Gwyneth Paltrow and Danny De Vito are second to none, and the music is a kind of magic overtone that surrounds the whole thing. The movie really had me dancing on the edge of my chair, forgetting to breathe!


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